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New Zealand’s Best Popcorn that Tastes So Good!
World-over popcorn happens to be one of the most common snack foods – however there are few providers who meet the highest standard of production, considering flavor and taste, among other factors.
When you eat our popcorn collections made from the worlds’ best corn pool sourced in New Zealand & GMO free, you will have many good reasons to always have them for personal healthy snacking, eating with friends & family, and for great entertainment purposes.
Right here at Popped - we have carefully selected and prepared some of the tastiest & most nutritious popcorns blended with flavors of old-fashioned caramel, nuts, chocolates and simple ingredients and spices; all for the mouth-watering treats that you crave for.
All our popcorns are made fresh and we have thus designed it ideally - so your popcorn remains fresh for days and months! We have created our own recipes and hence we deliver to you some of the best caramel popcorn made in small batches - mixed by hand, using natural butter, coconut oil and other natural ingredients to give you the right flavor and taste, always.
‘Popping and caramelizing’ it rightly within the wee hours of early morning each day - happens to be a passion and as the founder of Popped, I fully guarantee that all our recipes and flavors have been duly tested and retested to give you the best; and bring a smile on your face on every pop. ☺ At Popped, we take the joy of consuming popcorn to a whole new level - as we use the finest ingredients blended with several fun-packed flavors!
Start shopping at Popped now and you will glad you did – to your pleasure & full nourishment!


Popped can also customise your odder and we cater for birthday parties, thanks giving, corporate gifts, weddings etc